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Comfortable and vibrant rooms

Over years I have worked with the fascinating subject on interior design and decor of living spaces and what kind of influence it has on our sense of homeliness and wellbeing.

During this process I was always aware that our living space contains more than just furniture and decorative items which help us to feel comfortable and homely. Of course it is lovely to live in a home decorated with furniture and items we love but the energy of a room also plays a vital part and can determine of well we sleep at night and how well rested we feel when we wake up in the morning.

I therefore started to clear my own living and work space on an energetic level, raising it to a high and light vibration. Of course this didn’t go unnoticed and one by one friends, family and acqaintances began to pick up on the decidedly lighter atmosphere in my rooms which then led me to space clear theirs and to fill their homes with positive energy.

I work with my intuition. I intuitively and openly feel what is important to bring an object stagnant with energy into free flow again. With the transformative power of sound I use my voice to swiftly activate as well as efficiently clear the energy of a room as sound carries vibration.

How do Energetic Space Clearing Sessions look like?

Personal session

During a personal visit I can take time to collect an energetic footprint of your living/work space. You will also have an opportunity to tell me about your own wellbeing, how comfortable you feel presently and what kind of changes you wish to see happening. Afterwards I ask you to simply sit back and to comfortably relax and to enjoy my energy session whilst I tend to each room sounding. How people perceive this varies from individual to individual as their perception does. Some clients sense sounding as something that reverberates through their whole being. Others sense a feeling of slight melancholy and tears may flow. At the end of a session clients will always sense a feeling of lightness as well as happiness. A client once remarked that she felt “so light and pleasently elated as if she just had a glass of Prosecco”. After a space clearing session rooms do feel lighter, brighter as well as more spacious due to the clearing and shifting of heavy and dull energy. This has a positive knock-on effect not only on the client but others who too share the same living space.

Therefore my personal space clearing sessions can be likened to a thorough and deep spring clean, cleansing the whole living space and have it gleam, sparkle and shine again right into every deepest corner of your home.

Duration: can vary between 1-2 hours
CHF 180 per hour

(canton Zurich, other cantons plus driving expenses)

Coaching via skype

As energy is an intelligent life form of its own and therefore not bound by space and time, it is possible for me to connect with your living space via a distant clearing session, to remove negativity and to let the energy flow freely again, which is perfect for clients who live further away. All that is required is to arrange for an agreed appointment via skype to discuss the necessary details. I will connect energetically to you and your living space and with the help of the floorplan I am able to clear the rooms releasing them of negative energies and re-energising them with vibrant positivity.

CHF 150 per hour

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