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Lettings and Sales

In my capacity as real estate agency office manager I have come across properties which had been on the market for quite some time and seemed to be difficult to sell or to let. In such properties I noticed a dense and heavy energy. When I was able to release the energy blockage of such properties, buyers or tenants were swiftly found subsequently. This is how my energy work started.

How do you notice if energy work positively influences the sale or the let of a property?

Signs of problems are for example that there is hardly any demand for the property. Or if viewing appointments were arranged, they were cancelled at short notice. It can also happen that potential buyers or tenants come up with rather vague and evasive sounding arguments or reasons why they think the property to be unsuitable for them, whereas others might point out clearly that they don’t get a good vibe or that the property feels rather uninviting.

If the present owner of the property is still connected to the house on an emotional level and finds it difficult to let go and move on then this can also proof a sale to be more difficult. In this case I am able to help identify with the current owner the root causes. Once they are established I can then offer help and support in the process of letting go of and moving on from the property.

I have also found that in case of an inheritance, for example, deceased loved ones can also have an energetic impact on the inherited property. Especially in cases of unresolved family issues deceased loved ones can still hold on to the living space energetically. Working with my intuition I can sense these connections and am able to resolve them peacefully and harmoniously for all involved.

It is also important to take into consideration the realm of nature spirits and devas. Properties which have been uninhabitated for a longer period of time but also newly built properties can cause disruption to them. Again it is possible for me to liaise between all involved and to work out positive solutions for the highest good of all. Of course this might still sound rather ridiculous or unbelievable to most people in the Western civilisation but in countries such as Iceland, for instance, it is tradition to commune with nature spirits and devas to receive guidance and cooperation before commencing a building project.

How do I work?

I allow my intution and perception to guide my work. I am being shown exactly of that which is important to let the energy of an object flow freely again and to establish a positive connection to the perfect buyer or tenant. My voice lends itself perfectly as supportive tool here, for sounding has a tremendous capacity to powerfully activate, transform and cleanse the energies of a room. The changes are palpable and I am always fascinated about the positive impact.

From experience the most efficient outcomes are achieved when clients take their time to show me the property and to tell me a little bit about its history. Once I start with the clearing, clients can then sit down, relax and observe the session.

After the initial on-site session (Basis Package) I can also offer you a very closely support over a period of up to 4 months (Intensive Package). Depending on the actual situation of a transaction, a result may happen sooner yet 4 months are recommended as a general guideline. Although, from experience, I have noticed a fairly swift increase in interest of the property, the completion of a sale or a tenancy agreement, however, can take some time. During this time I will keep in touch with my clients and, if required, offer either a follow up on-site session or a distant energy session.


Basic Package:

One common visit of the property, talking about the obstacles in sale and their solution, clearing of the property with tone & sound.

Your investment: CHF 490, due immediately

Intensive Package:

Same like basic package + my intensive support for 4 months, during which we stay in personal contact. I will steadily work remote with your property. Should additional visits be necessary, I will inform you accordingly.

Your investment: depending on the property, between CHF 1’500 und CHF 3’000. CHF 490 are due immediately, the rest only after successful sale/letting. Please contact me for your individual offer.

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