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About me

I have spent many years in international business, mainly working in areas such as interior design and interior architecture. For the last two years I have also been working in property and real estate. At the same time I have always felt to add to my already existing professional work with where my heart led me. It led me to my path of my own higher life purpose which is filled with warmth, depth and an ongoing inner development and progress. So whilst holding mainstream professions I also allowed myself to find, to unravel and to connect with my higher life purpose. Being on this path is deeply fullfilling, it is an ongoing journey which is deeply enriching.

Having gone through different types of training I have become more and more aware that I possess a deeply sensitive part within me that can easily and more readily absorb information than my “normal” conscious mind. My highly sensitive part shows me quickly and clearly if something in my life feels “off“ for example. At first I would judge myself, telling myself off that I am just too sensitive. However over years I have come to trust my intution and my feelings. As a result my awarness has refined over years and now I regard my highly tuned intuitive awareness as a precious coaching tool to help others.

Due to personal challenging circumstances such as moving home several times over the course of a few years and living in places and homes which showed significant imbalance I experienced physical pain and ailments such as disrupted sleep, anxiety, headaches and skin conditions. So I started to work with energy to harmonise and to balance my own living circumstances. Today it gives me great joy to help others regain their own inner balance and to support them in reclaiming and improving their health and wellbeing within their own personal environment and circumstances. It truly gives me great pleasure to help others to transform difficult situations into positives.

Personally I always like to look at an initial feeling of unwellness from two perspectives: The influence of the outer energies that can affect the person such as the energies of living and work space for example but also the person‘s own inner circumstance. Taking into consideration the inner and the outer circumstances enables an in depth resolution.

Over the past few years in my capacity as coach, I have specifically worked with the resolution of negative belief patterns as well as the integration of higher energies, and since 2012 have also added my energetic space clearing work. Over the course of last year I also included a new aspect into my work: communication with devas and nature spirits. As mentioned before, devas and nature spirits are generally still being disregarded when it comes to building houses or renovating exisiting ones, yet they can show their disagreements and disapprovals in their own ways. In such cases I like to facilitate communication and mediatione between the devic realm and humans to reach solutions agreeable for everyone.

My unique way of working is with my voice. I use my voice for toning. During toning sessions, blockages are being removed and energies gain balance and equilibrium once more. This part of my work is fully guided by my intuition, the toning with my voice simply flows and I fully trust that the energies will be directed in the most appropriate way. Toning can be sensed in different ways, it can literally shake us awake, it can move us, comfort us, it can facilitate balance, it can be strengthening, energising. The beauty of this aspect of my work is that whatever is required to happen, will occur, for which I am very grateful and filled with joy and happiness.

Since 1992: several managerial positions within the international business sector

Since 1993: several seminars on the therapeutic method of “Family Constellations”

Since 1999: Practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu® (“Safety Energy Locks”)

Since 2007: “Reflection-method – Looking into the mirror” coach (Christa Kössner®)

Since 2010: “Matrix” coach (Renate Simon)

Since 2010: Several Sound and Toning Seminars with the Canadian Jhadten Jewall

Nov 2010: Seminar “A new consciousness for the economy” with R. Jundt und K. Spoerri

Jan 2011: CPD courses on Matrix-Inform® at Heede-Institute

Nov 2012: Move to Switzerland

Feb 2013 – June 2015 Office manager for real estate agency at Küsnacht/ZH

Nov 2013: Soul Voice® Intensive Workshop with Miriam Helle

Aug 2014: Hypnosis Training at TherMedius®-Institute Bern

Oct 2014 “The Yin and Yang of Landscape” – Geomantic Seminar with G. Stoehr

Apr 2015 Yoga and Meditation instructor (Bahar Yilmaz)

Oct 2015 Channeling training (Bahar Yilmaz)

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