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Coaching has been a vital and substantial part of many years of my work life. It’s the kind of work that I love. Maybe you ask yourself: “How is coaching related to energy work for private or business properties?“ Well actually coaching and energy work is connected to each other. Wherever we are, we are always in resonance with our environment. With regard to a client’s private living space or business premises I receive a lot of insightful information on their own inner wellbeing or their part within an existing structure such as their family, for example. Yes a room is a structure but human beings can be considered as structures too, therefore providing space clearing work alongside personal coaching complements each other perfecctly as healing on more than one level can be facilitated.

I also offer coaching sessions on their own, i.e. without the space clearing aspect of my work. If, for instance, you are faced with a difficult personal situation in either your business or your private life and require insight and solutions then I can help you.

In my coaching sessions I like to work with intuition and feelings and not only with the mind via logic and thought. Allowing ourselves to work with our intuition and our feelings helps us to gain access to our own inner core which then enables us to let go of old wounds and hurts from the past, so facilitating to find an easier path in our present situation. Over the past few years I underwent numerous holistic therapies training as well as personal spiritual development work which has refined and heightened my awareness to work and to resolve issues intuitively.

During my coaching sessions I also like to use my voice which often seems to help to remove many blockages in a swifter way than the usual conversation. Most of the times it is a combination of both which will help the client to open up and to let go of the old. Situations which are anchored in fear can challenge finding the solution. In such cases my toning facilitates the access to let the fear go. During this process I am absolutely and fully intuitively guided as my intuition indicates what is best for that particular client at that point in time.

CHF 150 per 1 hour session (via skype)

CHF 180 per 1 hour session (in your home)

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