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Comfortable Home

Apart from exterior aspects such as architecture, interior design and decor the energy of our living space also determines how we feel. I clear your house and home energetically thus enhancing your sense of overall wellbeing.

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Lettings and Sale

Did you know that the energy of a property can influence their sale or lettings? Stagnant energy of the property can make it more difficult to either sell or let it. Balancing a property’s energies can successfully and positively influence the transaction of either sales or lettings.

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HeilKlang (Healing Sound) is a new kind of meditation. The sound of my voice is a channel for higher energies, which have an effect on you body, mind and soul. Energy blocks are solved and you feel centered, peaceful, joyful and connected.

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Apart from space clearing I also offer coaching services to support your personal inner development or resolving any form of family trauma by helping you to release negativity in a safe and gentle way.

Dear Urte, your voice is a gift!" Lotti Wild Leins, Richterswil